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If you still have an old-style fuseboard with rewireable fuses, we would always advise that you upgrade to an 18th Edition RCD-Protected board. Old-style fuseboards do not provide adequate protection against electric shock or electrical fires.



Residual-Current Devices are designed to disconnect the circuit if there is a current leakage (5-30 milliamperes). These act in under 30ms to prevent electrocution and are an essential component for safety at home and at work. See our Gallery for available RCD's.


How to tell if your fuseboard is RCD protected

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is a life-saving device which is designed to protect you against electric shock and fires. For example, if you cut through a cable while mowing the lawn, or if you have a faulty appliance installed.

To check if you have RCD protection, go to your unit and see if you have a pushbutton marked 'T' or 'TEST'. This button is part of an RCD. If you do have one of these, you should ensure it is working properly by pushing that test button every 3 months. When tested, the RCD should shut off the power to the areas it protects.


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18th Edition Consumer Unit fitted with SPD (Surge Protection Device - watch our video on SPD's)


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